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23 January 2010 @ 11:06 pm
Hello and welcome to nowhy_porque, a community formed for all the real Strokes fans.
Me and my co-mod whitestroke created this community to help you guys keep up with The Strokes' activity, whether musical or personal, and share your views on them. Feel free to express how you love something just as much as how something else bothers you.
We really want you to feel free and welcome here, which is why the only rule we'll have is to remain civil.
Our love for the boys is what brought us here so we don't wanna see any fight. If you disagree with someone, just scroll down and discuss with someone who shares your feelings, there's no need to argue. We're all here for the fun.
We hope you will enjoy this community just as much as Julian craves pork ramen.
Strokes, love & rock'n'roll,

Your mods.

[EDIT] Also, the layout is quite a bitch so if you could keep pictures larger than 350-375px under a cut, that'd be great. If you have issues with that, contact whitestroke. She's the expert on those things. Thanks!
Current Music: Alone, Together - The Strokes